<USS Banshee> "Ethics"

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  • Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 15:58:11 EDT

(This log would have taken place before the last two sims. It'll help explain 
Sara's recent mood.)

By: Lt. Commander Sara Kaelyre

"Priory One message coming in on a medical channel from the USS Nobel." 

Sara looked up from her personnel reports with an odd look on her face, she 
glanced over at the clock on the table behind her deck, and then back at the 
blinking light on her terminal. "Who in the world would be calling this late. 
Computer put the call on screen." 

The black blank screen of Sara’s terminal switched from black, to the 
s symbol, to the symbol of the USS Nobel. Sara rolled her eyes when she 
realized who it was. "It’s about goddamn time." She hissed just before the 
image of 
a woman with short blonde hair appeared on the screen. 

"Oh pardon me young lady, I was trying to connect directly with the chief 
medical officer.... A... Doctor...  Calorie." The woman said upon seeing 
image on her own screen. 

Sara tried not to moan from the mispronunciation of her last name and the 
assumption that she wasn’t who she was. "It’s K-A-E-L-Y-R-E not Calorie." 
corrected. "And I am she." 

The woman on the other end stared at Sara for a moment. "Well don’t you lot 
just keep getting younger and younger. I guess it’s a side effect of the war 
and all. Well Doctor Kaelyre I’m Doctor Toby Russell and I believe you’ve 
requested my help with one of my former subjects." 

"One of your subjects?" Sara repeated not willing to believe the coldness in 
the woman’s voice. 

Russell looked down at a padd as she spoke. "Yes.. Asper, Joshua. Case study 

Sara had always known that there were doctors out there that were all about 
the research side of medicine and that most of the time they were rather cold, 
but she’d never had to deal with one before. They’d only been talking for 
minutes and already Sara felt like she needed a blanket. "Right, I needed to 
talk to you about the effects the drug you used on him are having on him." 

Russell nodded. "I’ve read the request and as soon as you send me all his 
medical scans for the last six months and complete a few tests I need for my 
I’ll send you the information you’ll need to produce the antidote." 

"Excuse me but did you just say antidote?" Sara asked with widening eyes. 
Russell nodded. "Wait, you mean to tell me that you treated a patient with an 
unapproved drug with out his knowledge until after the fact and this drug 
requires an antidote?"

The woman on the screen just looked at Sara as if what she’d done was 
perfectly fine and normal. "The drug was part of a set of experiments I was 
on. It’s nothing to over react to, Doctor. Simply send me the data I need and 
ll send you the treatments that will counter act the drug and it’s long term 

The bridge of Sara’s nose and the pale skin beneath her eyes began to flush. 
"Excuse me for ’over’ reacting Doctor Russell but Mister Asper is more then 
case number to me, and excuse me if I seem to have issues with how you treat 
your patients like lab rats."

"Do you do any kind of medical research, Doctor Kaelyre?" When Sara didn’t 
reply Russell smiled. "How do you test the theories your working on? 
Simulations? Bio-Organic samples?" 

Sara nodded. "The approved vices of experimentation laid out by the medical 
board. I test them and retest them before submitting them for approval where 
they are tested again, before it is used on a living being" 

"But in the end your treatment is used on a living being just the same as 
mine. Isn’t that first living being that receives the treatment as much of a 
rat as the people in my cases? Computer controlled simulations can’t always 
cover the whole spectrum of possibilities when working with something as 
as humanoid physiology."

Sara sat there with her eyes narrowed quietly fuming. "Well at least you 
admit they’re people." 

Russell laughed out loud which startled Sara. "You practicing doctors are all 
the same. You can’t see past the faces or the emotions long enough to see the 
work and lives it'll save down the line. For you it’s all about the here and 
now. You know you lot really should just stick with playing the caregivers and 
leave the forward thinking to those of us who have the nerve for it."

"And you glory seeking researchers have no ethics nor heart so I guess a cold 
sterile lab is just where you belong." 

The smile on Russell’s face was sickening. "Now you get it. Well, as I said 
ll be sending you a list of tests that I’ll need done and you can send the 
results along with Mister Asper’s medical records for the past six months, no 
wait make that the past year. As soon as I have that and review it you’ll 
the treatment needed to do what you do best. I look forward to receiving the 
information. Enjoy the rest of your night doctor." 

The computer terminal went dark again and Sara just sat there staring at it 
trying to decide if that whole conversion had been real or  not. "What a 
bitch." Sara finally said to the screen before turning on the computer and 
Josh’s records. Well at least they were on the path to getting Josh back to 
normal. Or at least what ever normal is for Josh, anyway. 

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