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A Night on the Starbase 
By Oridian Starfire and Jenny (aka Sarah)

Oridian looked rather nervous as he stood there next to the dock. He and Jenny 
had agreed to meet there and spend some time off ship and see the the Starbase 
for a bit, but it seemed a whole lot easier then. He was in casual civilian 
clothes, a simple dark blue polo with a white collar and simple slacks. "Relax 
yourself Oridian, just be normal and things will be fine." Oridian chuckled 
within his mind as he stated this to himself. It was a rare thing to find him 
talking to himself.

As she walked down the corridor towards the docking hatch, Jenny smiled at 
passing crewmen when she wasnât adjusting the jacket of her pant suit. She 
hadnât been really sure of what to wear for this little outing. Oridian 
hadnât told her much, other then they were going over to the Starbase, so she 
kept it simple with a casual black pant suit and heals. Jenny smiled again when 
she saw Oridian waiting for her. "I hope I havenât kept you." 

Oridian chuckled as he saw her approach. "No not at all actually, I had just 
gotten here not too long before." He smiled again and offered his arm to her in 
his most gentlemanly way and motioned out towards the Starbase. "Shall we?"  
Jenny walked through the docking hatch and out onto the busy walkway of the 
Starbase. She waited until Oridian joined her and then just started walking 
towards the promenade. "So whatâs the plan for this evening, darlinâ?" 

Inside his mind Oridian chuckled to himself, more to assure him that he 
wasnât making a huge mistake by doing this. "Well I figure we'd spend a 
little sight-seeing here, I don't know if you've been off the ship yet but this 
is my first time since we got here. Then afterwards find a nice restaurant and 
get some dinner, how's that sound?" Oridian looked around the promenade as they 
walked, taking in the different places and looking for a decent place to eat. 

"Sounds good to me." Jenny replied with a smile. She looked around for a few 
moments and then pointed down the walkway. "I hear they have a huge viewing 
window here. I bet watching all those ships coming and going must be some kinda 
sight to see." 

Oridian nodded. "Yeah I heard about that, lets go check that out then, after 
you miss." He smiled at her and motioned for her to lead the way as they 
started down the walkway. 

The station was full of people but it wasnât crowed, which was nice. She 
liked to people watch but she would have hated to have to shout to be heard. It 
was a short walk to the window, but it took quiet a few minutes to get to the 
front of the gathered watchers. "Look at that one." She said as she pointed to 
one of the new sovereign class ships. "Arenât they the most breath takinâ 
ships youâve ever seen?" 

Oridian admired the ship as it passed. Sure he spent time on the holodecks and 
the training grounds learning how to fly those new ships, but to actually see 
them in reality was something completely different. "Yeah, they are quite 
amazing. I've heard some of the new specs on them are supposed to be outa this 
world." Oridian laughed for a moment and smiled. "Then again, I don't know how 
interested you'd be in all the technical babble that I'm talking about, but 
they are beautiful ships." 

"I maybe just be a nurse but I got a couple of brothers ya know. Had to learn 
that tech crap just to have a conversation withâem." She paused a moment, a 
sheepish gleam forming in her eyes. "If youâd like I can see if the Doc can 
hook you up with up to date specs." Jenny told him with a smile. She wasnât 
below using her friendâs contacts. 

Oridian brightened for a second. "You don't mind?" He almost blushed for a 
moment. "I donât want to ask it of you or anything, it would be rather 
interesting to see the specs. I didn't know you had a couple of brothers." He 
added, trying to not seem too obsessed with the technobabble of the ships. The 
specs must be amazing though... 

Jenny nodded. "Five of them all older." She replied in regards to her brothers. 
"My parents wanted a girl so they kept trying until I came." She laughed. "And 
itâs no trouble. Iâll ask Sara when she gets back. Sheâs got kin on the 
Enterprise E." Jenny turned her head a bit, spotting a bench that would still 
allow them to look out at the ships. She pointed to it and then walked over and 
sat down. 

Oridian followed and sat down next to her. He looked out again at the ships for 
a moment before he turned to Jenny and spoke. "Well so then youâre the 
youngest of the family? Guess that means you'd get a mix of the baby of the 
family plus being the only girl must have brought about an interesting 
childhood. What are your brothers doing now?"

"Well being the baby girl did have itâs up side." Jenny said with a smile. 
"Lets see, Nathanâs in Starfleet. Gaylord and Emmett took over the shop for 
Daddy. Benjaminâs a sheriff back in our little county, and Loganâs a 
teacher." There was a bright flicker of pride in Jennyâs eyes as she talked 
about her brothers. 

Oridian smiled as he noted the pride. Southerners always seemed to be proud of 
their kin, no matter what level the position. "Well, sounds like they are all 
off to fine and good lives. You've done well for yourself as well Miss Head 
Nurse Jenny." Oridian chuckled as he rose for a moment. "Well I'm getting a 
little hungry, what do you say to go finding ourselves a nice place to eat?" 

Jenny laughed. "The only reason they made me head nurse is because Iâm older 
then the baby they got as chef medical officer." Standing, Jenny looked around 
again. She was hungry, sheâd completely missed lunch. "Do you like barbeque, 

Oridian smiled, while not having lots of it, he did enjoy barbeque every now 
and then. "I actually really do like barbeque, so that sounds wonderful. You 
know of a place on the station?" 

"No but like most people who were born on the right side of the Mason Dixon I 
know how to find it." Jenny looked around a moment, getting her bearings, and 
then headed down the walkway towards a lift. The two went up to decks and over 
three sections before Jenny stopped in front of a place called Dixie Bellâs. 

Oridian stopped in front of the resturant and laughed. "And you said you didn't 
know that this place existed? I mean I guess us engineers have a sense on the 
ship sometimes, but this is like a sixth sense or something."

"Or Something." Jenny said with a smile as she made her way into the 
restaurant. It didnât take to long for them to find an open table since the 
place wasnât packed, but it was still early. These kind of placed always 
filled up after the hard core bars closed. 

Oridian surveyed the area. He had eaten at barbeque restaurants before, but 
nothing had prepared him for something like this. While not terribly crowded 
yet, it still had a good mix of Southern hospitality and great cooking. Oridian 
looked back at Jenny for a moment. "So this is what home's like for you?" 

Jenny looked around a moment and then nodded. "Itâs bigger then home but yeah 
itâs got the right feel." When the waitress came over Jenny ordered a pitched 
of beer and a starter of chicken wings. Both Jenny and the waitress smiled at 
each otherâs accents. Jenny turned to look at Oridian once the waitress was 
gone. "What about you. Whatâs home and family like for you Mister Chief 

Oridian smiled, thinking of his own, very non-similar home. "Well, home for me 
is a tad north of you, but on the same continent. Alaska to be precise, and 
needless to say things are a tad different up north." Oridian chuckled to 
himself, thinking of home. "Little bit colder to be sure, and folks back in my 
home weren't as friendly to strangers too often, but amongst each other they 
were the warmest people I know today." 

"Iâve only seen Alaska from the bow of a cruise ship." Jenny laughed. "Too 
cold for my blood." The waitress showed up and poured them each a beer from the 
pitcher and then left again. "What about family?" Jenny asked before taking a 
drink from her mug. 

Oridian took a draught from his glass before speaking. "Two younger sisters 
actually. One's still finishing up school and the other is actually a nurse 
just like yourself. She's stationed on one of the starbases out by klingon 

"I bet thatâs some assignment being that close to the Klingons." Jenny said 
as a plate of wings were placed between them. "I doubt they see as much action 
as we do. I mean weâve only been out of dry dock for soon on three years and 
weâve already faced down everyone from Cardassians to Romulans. Ship life is 
so much better then being planet side or on a station, donât you think."

Oridian grabbed a wing while he continued. "Oh I agree, much more exciting. 
Especially on a ship like this. We go find hundred year old humans and 
klingons, get into a fight with the Romulans, save an admiral and his crew, and 
do it all on one normal mission." He laughed as he bit into his wing. "Is this 
your first assignment or have you been elsewhere?" 

Jenny placed three wings on the small plate before her and then picked up the 
bottle of hot sauce, shaking itâs contents onto the wings as she spoke. "I 
spent some time on two other ships. The first one was ok, but the one before 
Banshee had a real prick for itâs CMO. I couldnât wait to get off that tug. 
With that baby face of yours this must be your first assignment, is it?" 

Oridian smirked. "Baby face? You don't look too old yourself, how old are you, 
if you don't mind me asking of course Miss Head Nurse Jenny." He laughed for a 
moment, baby face. 

"Oh hon, Iâve seen the tip of being thirty and been push over the edge." She 
couldnât help but laugh. Most of the crew on the ship were young, always had 
been, she actually liked having a few years on most. 

Oridian smiled for a moment, he always liked older women, when he knew them. 
"Well, this baby face over here is about to hit 30 soon, so don't worry too 
much about it. But to answer your earlier question," Oridian said as he grabbed 
another wing. "I served on another ship before this one as the ops officer, big 
galaxy class, but wasnât too exciting to be honest." 

"Really? I would have thought those bigger class ships would have all kinds of 
things to make their missions exciting." 

Oridian smiled. "Well, we traveled a whole lot sure, but our captain was very 
'by the book' and as such we never really did anything exciting. Well, aside 
from that one time with the weird hull eating bacteria, but other then that 
nothing really crazy." Oridian laughed again, thinking of that previous 
experience. "So you think you've found your home here on the banshee?" 

Jenny nodded after ordering her meal. "At this point in my life, yeah I think 
so, but I like to make where ever I am home. No sense in spending time in a 
place you donât like. Lifeâs to damn short to be waiting around for 

Oridian nodded and ordered his own meal. Afterwards he turned back to Jenny. "I 
agree, especially in the professions we are in. But what about your life on the 
ship Jenny, you can't tell me that you've been here and not had any romantic 
interests, or any boys coming after you, considering how pretty you are." 
Oridian took another swing of his beer as he finished. 

"Thatâs the whole problem, Oridian. The ships full of boys, thereâs only a 
handful of men." Jenny smiled brightly at her date. 

Oridian returned the smile and nodded. "I will agree with you there, some of 
those boys in the engineering department remind me of kids sometimes." He 
laughed again and smiled. "Does Doctor Kaelyre have a thing for Delosian wine?" 

Jenny couldnât help but laugh. "Doctor Kaelyre has a thing for most things 
Delosian seeing as how the Commander is Delosian. They would be the only ones I 
know of whoâd have the wine on board. Why?" 

Oridian laughed and just shook his head. "Well, it seems as those the pair will 
have a nasty surprise waiting for them when they come back. Wallace reported to 
me that one of the deliever boys dropped a crate labelled Delosian wine. Said 
almost all of it broke." 

"Oh man I am so glad that Iâm not those boys. I really hope theyâre time 
away from the ship brings them back in a good mood." Jenny said as her plate 
was placed before her. "They brought that back from their wedding." 

Oridian shook his head and took a bite into his meal. "Yeah, and I'm glad that 
isn't my department, otherwise I might lose half my budget." Oridian paused to 
refill his mug before he continued. "So then you've really had no relationships 
yet on the banshee? I mean with a girl of your looks and personality I'm 
surprised some of these men havenât taken a notice of you yet. They all have 
to come through physicals anyways." He smiled, considering that if he didn't 
need to relieve a headache he wouldn't even be here now. 

"Iâve dated." She told him between bites. "Not much more then that though. We 
canât all be so lucky I guess." 

He smiled warmly at her. "True, but who knows, maybe you'll find someone 
worthwhile on this ship yet." He looked at her for a moment, then spoke again. 
"I mean, its not often I come in to get some painkillers from overworking and 
end up on a date with someone like you. First time actually." He laughed. 

"It must be the magic of sick bay." She replied with a warming smile on her 

Oridian smiled back as he finished up his meal. "So it would seem, and so far 
the magic has been very good to me. Hope it continues." He smiled again, taking 
a final swig of his beer. 

"Me too." Jenny answered as she finished her own meal. "This was a nice 
evening, Oridian." 

Oridian nodded as the waitress returned and he paid for the meal. "I agree and 
I hope to have many more like them." He smiled again and rose. 

"Weâll just have to wait and see about that, Mister Starfire." Jenny teased 
as they headed back to the ship. 

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