<USS Banshee> Intruder Alert

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Intruder Alert
by Lt Telsia Ehling

Telsia was still smiling to herself as she left Oridian and rushed to meet up 
with Josh and Cameron, hoping they hadn?t gotten too far ahead.  Oridian was 
such a great guy and he seemed to always make Tel smile whenever she talked to 
him, he was a good friend for both her and Josh.  

Stepping off the Banshee and onto the Station, Tel took a good look around.  
Between taking care of Cameron and working, she hadn?t had time to get out and 
take a look around.  Now that she neither had work nor Cameron with her, all 
she wanted to do was take her time and maybe do a bit of shopping and enjoy 

It was nice to not have any responsibilities for a while, for once Cameron was 
completely Josh?s responsibility and no one from sickbay would be calling her 
to come in.  Taking a deep breath and letting the smells of the place invade 
her sense, Telsia smiled yet again, happy for a resbit.  

Unfortunately, Tel knew she couldn?t just leave Josh and Cameron and go 
exploring, so Tel readjusted her bag on her shoulder and still gripping 
Cameron?s toy, headed off towards where the shuttles would be departing.

Looking at all of the interesting people around her, an interesting couple 
caught her eye.  A very beautiful woman, who seemed deeply inamored with the 
man she was talking to, Tel moved her head slightly and was more then surprised 
to that the man was her own fiancé.  A bit shocked, Telsia stopped in her 
footsteps and stood there watching her fiancé and the woman talk.

If she hadn?t of known better, she would have sworn that Josh was interested in 
the woman, from the way they were standing with each other, unfortunately, none 
of their words could reach her ears.  Tel?s eyes slit into daggers as she 
watched the woman touch Josh in a seemingly intimate way, almost like they 
shared something together.

Suddenly feeling like an intruder in her own life, Tel turned away from the 
sight of Josh and the woman and moved back into the crowds, heading towards the 
market.  She decided she would do a bit of shopping while she tried to decide 
what to do about what she saw.  She couldn?t go up and accuse Josh of having an 
affair, that would be irrationally but at the same time, Tel didn?t know who 
that woman was and that made her feel overly suspicious.

After taking enough time to look around and shop and hopefully giving Josh and 
the woman enough time to talk, Tel moved away from the venders and headed out 
back on her path.  She had come to a decision while shopping, she wouldn?t 
question Josh on it, in fact, her plan was to pretend she knew nothing at all 
and part of the best way to do that would be to just go on to her mother?s 
house with Cameron and let Josh and his brother have their time together.

With her decision made, she boarded the shuttle that would take her to earth 
and silently wished that she had a better idea of how to deal with her sudden, 
painful feelings of doubt and betrayal.  

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