[UHNA] A Dig's Life

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A Dig's Life


In China, my wife says they eat dog.


Does this disturb you?  How can anybody think of eating a member of the


Well, as I sit here typing this, I am hearing a course of dogs.  Yes, these
family members are imprisoned on the end of a cable in their respective back
yards.for the rest of their natural lives.  


They are victims of a child's "Ah Mommy, he's so cute!" and piddling on the
carpet or in the bed all the while growing up.  Rather than giving the dog
to someone who could train the dog or even taking it upon themselves the
responsibility of training the dog, they chain the poor now unwanted member
of the family up in the back yard where it can bark at every passer byre.  


I myself had several dogs and I admitted in two cases that I could not take
responsibility for these dogs and gave them to families that did take very
good care of their new family members.  


What I am addressing here is the obnoxious barking of the derelict dogs in
the neighborhood.  


I love having the windows open at night but last night's choir practice was
too much.   I had to turn on the AC so I could sleep.  


You people with the barking dogs know who you are.   I just wish you did not
believe that a dog needs to be chained up segregated from the rest of the
family.  The American kennel Club <http://www.akc.org/> 's web site is full
of FREE how-tos on proper training of a dog.  See:
http://www.akc.org/public_education/responsible_dog_owner.cfm  You agreed to
take the poor bugger, now you should take proper care of it.  Also, there
are a bunch of people here in the neighborhood that have BIG indoor dogs
that are trained.  Be not afraid to talk to us to see what we did; how we
trained our new family member.   


Dogs are wonderful companions and I have nothing against them.  These dogs
are just yelling at you for attention.  And yes, it is a myth; no dog is too
old to learn new tricks.  


I feel really bad for these fellows and gals stuck in a dirty space pleading
for attention.  I hope you can do something about it.


Sincerely, one who loves dogs and loves having the windows open at night,


Neighbor Steve


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