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You got a bad FBT...the reading you get is normal...when the transistor is
in circuit, the collector-emitter reading you have is the primary winding of
your FBT...and because your ohmeter measures ohms by send DC volts, you`re
measuring the electrical resistance of the primary winding(not the
impedance). Replace the FBT (if it is affordable)and everything should be
okay...also check the HV capacitor between the collector and emitter of your
H.O.T for open or short.

P.S. The outer leads on a H.O.T are always from left to right
Base-Collector-Emitter. Sometimes, there`s a 30-50ohm resistor between the
base and the emitter inside the transistor casing, and sometimes, you may
measure a damper diode in reverse polarity between collector and emitter.


Steeve Cavanagh
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> Looked like a nice call at first.  I disabled B+, gave it a new fuse,
> plugged into 120vac, and the fuse did not blow.  The horizontal output
> transistor emitter and collector outer leads both seemed to be shorted to
> ground on the ohmmeter.  After I removed the transistor, I did some
> checks on it:  Emitter to collector reads 7k ohms, emitter to base reads
> ohms, and base to collector reads infinity.  (Reverse ohmmeter polarity
> gives infinity for the same three readings.)
> Do you still think it's a bad transistor or that other faults are
> the emitter and collector?
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> First thing I would do is disable the B+ to the flyback and sacrifice
> another fuse.
> If it doesn't blow then check the horizontal output transistor for a
> If it's ok then you might have a bac flyback.
> If the fuse still blows, then check the secondaries for shorts.
> BTW, a good check to see if the primary side is ok, after disconnecting
> B+, is to check pin 1 of U4101 for -40v to hot ground. If that is good
> the regulator circuit is almost certainly (never say never), working
> properly.
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>  > Thanks, Russ.  Hello List members.  My first time aboard.  It's been
> decades since I did TV repair work.
>  >
>  > I'm working on a 31-inch RCA GE 31GT659, Code 45104, Chassis CTC 186/7
>  > bought from Sears in Feb. 1996.  Set is completely dead.  Fuse f4001 is
>  > open.
>  >
>  > I replaced the 5A. fuse and 2.3-ohm 15-watt power resister r4001 and
> plugged the power cord into 120VAC power.  Even *before* I had a chance to
> turn
> the set ON, the Fuse immediately opened and f4001 resister was very hot to
> the touch.  A good on-line troubleshooter recommended (for similar model
> GE set) that ic U4101 (STK730-010) is probably shorted and should be
> replaced.
>   > I did quick ohmmeter checks of all the diodes and resistors in the
> supply and they look ok.
>  >
>  > Question: What jumps out as the most likely faulty component to replace
> and how would you test it beforehand?   ( B+ filter?  Degauss relay k4201
> thermistor rt4201, Switch Mode xformer T4101, Hybrid Switch Mode Reg U4101
> ic, Closed caption filterQ3302?)
>  >
>  >
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>  >
>  > I think you have the honor of making the first post, Mike.
>  > I signed up for the list on March 21st and yours is the first I've seen
> from
>  > it.
>  >
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