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Hi Brian!

What application is the one you are having problems with? Is it an older app?

From what I know, each program can act differently in terms of how it handles 
larger displays. Some were not set up to work properly at different resolutions 
or type size. Newer applications have built-in routines for handling this 

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Hello, to all TTT users

The TTT users seem to have everything under control!
Not much action on the site.
Maybe a little bored and need a challenge.
It is time for a little stimulation.
Time to problem solve.

I have been having some display problem  with Java and Flash.
It seems I have managed to fix all of them except on problem I suspect may 
still be related to one or both of them.

The problem:
I have a 25" monitor and at age 69 I need larger text to be able to read 
When I increase the text size the text shifts position and then overlaps other 

This is a normal display with small text:

One click of the mouse scroll wheel to increase the size moves the Credit Cards 
from the top to the 2nd line:

Another click to increase the size slightly and Product info moves to the right 
and the Rate information is gone :

And finally a few more clicks moves the Product info is nearly out of site and 
Average overlaps other text:

Finally a few more clicks and total distortion happens:

There is no distortion in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Opera!


Any help, ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.


PNG image

PNG image

PNG image

PNG image

PNG image

PNG image

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