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All of Volume 2 (Issues 1-12) is available directly on my website.  Just
click the thumbnail


I am not sure how many issues were published in Volume 1.



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John, I have most of the transactors, is there any way to get the ones you
I'm trying to make a complete collection.

missing vol 1 issue 2 to 6, and vol 2 issue 6


On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 6:54 PM, John Easton <jeaston@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey Leif, Golan, Ian ... whomever,  why doesn't someone gather this
> information into one cohesive article, and we'll publish it via the TPUG
> Newsletter?  Thanks ...
> John
> Next article request ... whatever does one do to recover these files from
> D64 format?  Perhaps that info will form a part of the up-coming TPUG
> FILE (in D64 format) CD disk?
> And speaking of disks, just ran across a large pile of TRANSACTOR disks
> note to Karl Hildon ... would you mind if TPUG included these on our CD?
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>> Could someone please re-post the link for that website that had all of
> Commodore & Amiga Magazines, Books, etc?
>> Thanks! :)
>> Ken

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