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Kris, I have a Canon Rebel XT with a Sigma 28-70 lens.  I turn the flash off, 
and use a Coleman headlamp with 33 power light.  It has a lower light setting 
which I use on white moths.  I learned this combo from Audrey.  Most of the 
time, I let the camera focus automatically.  (I need a good macro moth lens.)
If my pix are blurry, it's just my shaky hands at midnight.  LOL
Jean Obrist

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  I have not been real happy with my macro flash shots on some of my moth 
photos. I have a Nikon D90 with a 105mm macro lens. I have been using my 
built-in flash, my hot-shoe flash, and an added RayFlash ring attachment. Some 
of you have incredibly sharp close-up shots that I would like to get. Do any of 
you use the dual flash attachments for close-up shots? If so, and you are a 
Nikon shooter, which one do you use? I've seen different models at different 
price ranges. Thanks for any advice!

  Kris Light

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