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  • Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 14:12:25 -0500

That is an easy mistake to make; the default is "butterfly."
When uploading pix to BAMONA, do NOT have a number sign (#) in the file name.  
They can't view the picture.
I like the user-friendly BAMONA site.    If you don't want to scroll down the 
drop-down menus, just start typing the state or county.... it will go to that 
one.  For TN, hit ENTER T ENTER, and no scrolling is necessary. (with cursor 
anywhere on the blank box..... doesn't have to be on the down arrow)
Jean Obrist
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  Hi Ken,

  One of your Chester County moth submissions was directed to me instead of 
Jason Roberts quite recently, I assume inadvertently (perhaps you clicked on 
butterfly instead of moth near the top of the page?). The moth is quite 
elongated and has two projections sticking forward from the head.  The only 
written detail is that there is a note saying it was attracted to a black light.

  I don't think there is anything I can do with it except reject it, but I am 
not sure if that action will effect the way it is later handled if you resubmit 
as a moth.

  Am copying Kelly Lotts on this.


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    I contacted Jason Roberts about the records I've submitted to him in the 
past year or so and he said BAMONA has them and it's just a matter of getting 
them entered. I'm guessing these will have the same problem as the last batches 
of butterfly records that Steve Stedman sent in....they'll show on the 
checklists but not on the maps because I didn't supply latlong coordinates.

    I've been entering records and have been concentrating on 2009 and 
unidentified moths from 2010. So far, 6 new 2009 records have been ID'd and 
accepted for Chester County. 

    Ken Childs
    Henderson, TN
    Chester County


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