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Just a reminder that the 2007 TOS fall meeting is coming up in 2 weeks  (Nov. 
2, 3 & 4). Highland Rim chapter is hosting in Manchester.  The place will be 
Ambassador Inn, same site as winter meeting a year an a  half ago. See details 
and directions at the TOS web site under fall meeting. 
The weekend will consist of birding the local hot spots, comradery  with TOS 
members from across the state and a paper session on Saturday  afternoon 
presenting recent bird related scientific projects. Chuck  Nicholson is 
the paper session and may still have space for  presenters. Check with him if 
you have research to present.
We are planning to work in a TOS Board of Directors meeting at  the end of 
the paper session  aprox. 4:30 Saturday afternoon. Chapter  presidents please 
alert your directors to try to attend or send proxy if  possible. Included in 
this business meeting will be a report by the TOS  Bird Records Committee. If 
you have an item to be considered please contact  me off-line and I will try to 
include put it on the agenda. And I will send  you a tentative agenda if 
As of Monday when I made reservations there were still rooms available  at 
the group rate (a good price!) so I hope to see many of you there. 'Looking  
forward to it!
Richard Connors
President 2007- 2009
Tennessee Ornithological  Society
603 Barrywood Drive
Nashville TN  37220

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