[TN-Bird] Surf Scoter and Laughing Gulls at Pickwick; 12/29/08

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I'm sure more will be forthcoming from Pickwick, with the CBC today. But, 
Paul Lehman had a Surf Scoter above the Dam (out from Bruton Branch), and 
two Laughing Gulls (one above and one below the dam). TN was pretty tough 
for Paul on this trip, with none of the Memphis birds of late hanging 
around, with the exception of the reliable Cackling Geese at Shelby Farms.

Jeff and I spent the weekend birding with Paul, and Barbara Carlson. MS was 
tough as well, but we got practically all of the targets there, but with 
much effort. Highlights were finally a Short-eared Owl at last light, on the 
2nd day of trying at the normally reliable spot in Tunica Co; Black Duck 
which Jeff picked out of a mass of swirling ducks (and everyone else was 
able to get on) at literally the last place we had to try for them, the most 
elusive Bewick's Wren which sang and scolded all around us with only Jeff in 
the right spot at the right time to see this elusive bird of the east now, 
which was found on the Grenada CBC. The Western Meadowlark which sat right 
beside the road "chupping" was also a blessing, as we thought all the 
Meadowlarks had left the field we finally found some in. Also of interest 
were 8 Laughing Gulls at Grenada Dam, and 20+ at Sardis, high numbers for 
mid-winter this far north.

If anyone is interested, I've placed a few shots of the Laughing Gulls which 
were working very close in below the spillways at Grenada and Sardis Dams, 
in MS. These are in the same winter 2009/2009 gallery I've been using, the 
1st new photo is here:


Good Birding!!

Mike Todd
McKenzie, TN

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