[TN-Bird] Re: Rusty Blackbirds at Old Hickory; Purple Finches at Long Hunter SP (correction)

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David, Chris, all,
At Percy Priest, I've found that the gulls (as Chris said) are very spread out. 
 Few seem to be feeding on the lake during the day (and few, if any, at the dam 
from the times I've been there), but they come in to the widest areas of the 
lake in late afternoon/evening to roost.  

Last year I was pretty far upstream on a "creek" of Priest in Smyrna and had 
16,000+ ring-billed's flying north in an hour-long line heading toward the 
roost area.  The birds were coming from Murfreesboro and probably not 2 miles 
from the landfill, which is where I assumed they were feeding.  This was when I 
had >25000 ringers in one roost, plus bonaparte's.

The viewing from Cooks Public Rec area on the east side of Priest provides an 
excellent vantage point for the loon roost and also one or two gull roosts.  
There are two locations where the gulls congregate in the area.  Last year I 
had two very large flocks roosting out there.  From the southern point of the 
peninsula you can see a large portion of the lake.

Scott Somershoe

State Ornithologist
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
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