[TN-Bird] REPOST: Seven Scissor-tailed Flycatchers - Rutherford

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All - I'm sorry for the multiple posts, but I received two emails that the
posts didn't go through using my phone.  I am reposting now from my laptop in
the event some might be interested.
There were 7 scissor-tailed flycatchers sitting at the intersection on New
Salem Hwy and St. Andrews.  When we drove back by after initially trying to
post the sighting, the birds were flycatching over the field.  It reminded me
of Texas seeing all the birds together like that!

On the way home around 4p, there was a single bird at the intersection of Old
Salem Hwy and Veterans Parkway (west side).  That was a new location for me as
I drive that way nearly every day and have never seen a bird there.  (I tried
posting that earlier but it didn't go through.  Forgive me if it eventually

Kristy Baker
Rockvale TN

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