[TN-Bird] NTOS Peeler Park field trip results

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  • Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 12:45:50 EDT

Peeler Park
Davidson Co.
NTOS birded Nashville's newest park this morning and had a delightful time 
with better than expected results for this time of year, including 5 warbler 
species and beautiful Blue Grosbeaks and a Baltimore Oriole.  Some of the 
have not been completed yet, but there are more paved trails than there were 
last month.   It's a fine combination of fields, wooded edge, and forest along 
the Cumberland River.  We totaled 44 species.
wild turkey
great blue heron
turkey vulture
accipiter sp.
red-tailed hawk
rock pigeon - in town
mourning dove
yellow-billed cuckoo
chimney swift
ruby-throated hummingbird
belted kingfisher
red-bellied woodpecker
hairy woodpecker
pileated woodpecker
eastern wood-pewee
great-crested flycatcher
white-eyed vireo
warbling vireo
red-eyed vireo
blue jay 
American crow - in town
swallow sp.
Carolina chickadee
tufted titmouse
Carolina wren
house wren
eastern bluebird
American robin
northern mockingbird
brown thrasher
blue-winged warbler
northern parula
black-throated green warbler
black-and-white warbler
American redstart
summer tanager
northern cardinal
blue grosbeak
indigo bunting
common grackle
brown-headed cowbird
Baltimore oriole
American goldfinch

Jan Shaw
Nashville, TN 

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