[TN-Bird] Marion/Hamilton/Bradley/Meigs Cos-20Feb10

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TN birders,

After getting a call from Jan Chadwell on the way to Chattanooga for a 
granddaughter soccer tournament match that Libby Wolfe and Tommie 
Rogers had found 2 WW scoters at Bennett Lake from the boat ramp, I 
talked Becky into a detour after the match.  Sure enough, after about 
15 minutes of searching, found the two birds(FOY), although, the 
tangential light made both birds look brown.  One was definitely a 
female with the double white smudges, but I thought I saw a white spot 
behind an eye on the other(?male).  Bennett Lake is near NIckajack Dam 
in Marion Co.

Shortly after Jan's call, got a call from Dan Jacobson that he and two 
others had found an eared grebe and spotted sandpiper at the Booker T 
Washington SP in Hamilton Co.  They had found these two around 9am,but  
both were gone when they left.  Upon checking, neither were found, but 
I ran into Beth(forgot the last name) from Knoxville who related she 
had a male American wigeon from the gazebo at Blythe Ferry(Meig).

Walked at Tinsley Park nature trail, and heard 2 pine warblers 
singing(FOY for Bradley Co).

Checked on the wigeon at Blythe Ferry in the afternoon late, and 
finally had 3 male Amer Wigeons(FOY).

David Chaffin
Cleveland TN
Bradley Co
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