[TN-Bird] Male Hooded Oriole - Lincoln Co, TN

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Please go ahead and post this to  TN-Birds. 

A male HOODED ORIOLE has apparently been present near Elora, TN since July  
8. The location is in "Vann Town" which appears to be just west of Elora in 
 Lincoln County. The homeowner reported the bird this week to the Alabama 
RBA and  sent several confirming photos this evening. I've posted them to: 

The homeowner's name is Eden Powell and she is willing for birders to come  
and view her special visitor. Her phone is 931-937-0670. She requests a 
call  before you come and please call only between 9 am and 4 pm. Please call 
her for  directions and arrangements.

Good luck everyone!

Steve McConnell
Hartselle, AL

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