[TN-Bird] Three Peregrine Falcons hacked at Rock City and Chattanooga

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  • Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 08:57:14 -0400 (EDT)

Great article in Chattanooga Times Free Press written by Pam Sohn about the 
 hacking of two peregrine falcons at Rock City on Monday and the  earlier 
hacking in Chattanooga, TN at the BX Building.  All three  falcons seem to be 
doing well and one is fitted with a Solar Satellite  Telemetry so that it 
can be tracked anywhere in the world.
Dale Kernahan and John Stokes of SOAR-South accomplished the release.   
Newspaper article (front page) can be found here:
SOAR's blog updates can be found here:
_http://soarsouth.blogspot.com/_ (http://soarsouth.blogspot.com/) 
TWRA has recently announced that a falconry permit to trap a wild  
Tennessee peregrine is scheduled to be given away in an August  31st drawing 
is open to resident and non-resident falconers:  
_http://news.tn.gov/node/7340_ (http://news.tn.gov/node/7340) 
I'm confused about how these two programs fit together.  We  remove a 
healthy peregrine falcon from the wild for an individual's  personal sport at 
same time we hack peregrines that may or  may not survive to breeding age 
in order to restore  TN's falcon population?  Both permits are granted by 
TWRA in  cooperation with USFWS.  Scott, can you enlighten?    
Vickie Henderson
Knoxville, TN
Knox County

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