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Feb 28, 2015
Palmyra/Montgomery Co, TN

Spotted a Golden Eagle about 20 minutes ago headed southeast towards Cheatham 
and Davidson counties. Bird was pretty distant but was large and dark with flat 
profile. Head appeared smaller than Bald, could not make out golden color on 
back of head, but did see the white tail band as bird banked slightly to one 
side. It maintained general southeast direction there was a second bird much 
further ahead of it which I could not make out much details on. 10 minutes 
later to my southwest I had an adult Bald Eagle circling in one area but it 
stayed back towards the Cumberland River. I had actually been looking for 
Sandhill Cranes that had been spotted by Frank Fekel earlier in Davidson county 
that were headed in my direction. Didn't see them but I'll take the Golden for 
sure! This is the 2nd Golden Eagle I've seen from my house in 11years now.

Stanley York Jr
Palmyra/Montgomery County

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