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Hi All,
The Ivory Gull found by Walt Chambers at West Point Lake, GA and viewed by
so many between January 25 - 29, 2010, then found in poor condition and
subsequently died, was taken to Ed Thompson, taxidermist, last Wednesday, 3

Ed called me this morning as he began his work of mounting the bird for
display (at a yet-to-be determined location).  He has saved the body cavity,
eyes and brain for necropsy at UGA.

After skinning the bird, he said there were no broken bones in the wings, no
signs of any predator attack, and for that matter, no signs of injuries.  He
looked for fat reserves in the usual places and found little, but also said
that the bird did not appear to be in a starving condition typically
characterized by a sharp keel and wasting muscles.

So, there you have it.  Hopefully, the necropsy will show what the bird was
eating and any other internal conditions that might explain its death.


Georgann Schmalz
Dawson County, GA
Birding Adventures, Inc.

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