[TN-Bird] GA Ivory Gull - Cause of Death

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  • Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 17:01:56 -0600


From: ed.schneider@xxxxxxxxxxx
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Subject: GA Ivory Gull - Cause of Death
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 2010 17:00:46 -0600

I'm copying this from GABO for those who don't subscribe and are interested in 
the late vagrant:
I just got back from the necropsy of the Ivory Gull conducted by Dr.
M. Kevin Keel at the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study
(SCWDS)  at UGA.  I don't have the full report, but the bird was thin
though not emaciated, was a male, and had acute aspergillosis.  The
left lung was covered with plaques.  It's not surprising that the bird
was observed panting during it's last couple days.   There were no
signs of physical injury evident.  The gizzard, stomach, and
intestines were empty...again consistent with the fact that no one saw
it feeding on the last day.   I asked Dr. Keel if the bird had been
captured the day before could it have been cured.  He said that with
the state of the infection, recovery was unlikely and the stress
involved in capture could have contributed to death.

The spores of this fungus are everywhere but if a bird is in a
weakened state the fungus can grow and eventually kill a bird.  Scroll
to the bottom of the linked webpage for more information about
Aspergillosis. http://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/6957.html

Tissue and organ samples will be sent off for analysis, but cause of
death was acute aspergillosis.

Steve Holzman, North High Shoals, GA

Here are a couple shots of the bird I took on 26 January: 
Ed Schneider
Whites Creek
Davidson Co.

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