[TN-Bird] Common & Black Terns - Woods Reservoir (Sunday)

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  • Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2012 08:51:47 -0400

(sorry for the late posting, altho I did post to ebird earlier)
On Sunday, June 3, I went up to Woods Reservoir in FRANKLIN CO to check out
Little Elder Island.

I found the expected waders nesting there -
- Great Blue Heron
- Little Blue Heron
- Black-crowned Night Heron
- Great Egret
- Cattle Egret
- Snowy Egret
I also noted that some trees had blown down since my visits last summer,
but the birds were nesting in the fallen trees as well as the standing ones.

But the unexpected came while I was circling the island in my canoe: I saw
a flock of terns cavorting around.  I am not certain of the count - I was
trying to get photos - my general impression was that there were about 8.
I assumed they were Forster's (which I had seen there before).  But when I
looked at the photos at home, I realized most of them were (I believe)
COMMON TERNS, and there  was at least one BLACK TERN.

Photos weren't great, but I believe they show enough field marks.  I'll
attach a couple.

Tim Jeffers
East Ridge, Hamilton Co

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