[TN-Bird] Humorous incident with Eurasian collared dove

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  • Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2012 14:09:01 -0400 (EDT)

Good Afternoon,  
About an hour ago, here at my home in the Charlotte Park area of Nashville, 
 Davidson County, TN, my three fairly resident Eurasian collared doves flew 
in  for lunch.  They perched on some cement blocks just outside my dining  
room/deck French doors and began dining.  One of the doves perched on the  
edge with its tail hanging over. Within moments, one of my chipmunks emerged  
from "inside a block," came up under that dove and hits its mark with an on 
 target "goosing" which sent the dove flying to about six feet away.   The 
chipmunk took over the block and the food on it, and the dove regained  its 
composure and came back to eat from the deck floor.
Have had ONE hummingbird, a female on June 1.  It fed a long time,  flew 
off and has not returned.
Four mockingbirds are feeding peanut butter to babies in two nearby  nests.
A pair of goldfinches provide a glow of color on the thistle feeder,  
usually one at a time, rarely together.  Must have a nest.  She was  here, but 
now, he is feeding away.  He just left, to be replaced by a male  house finch.
Chickadees are bringing their young ones to the feeders for PB, thistle and 
 seed mix.
Good birding,
Dee Thompson

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