[THIN] Re: usrclass.dat not giving up the ghost - taking out servers, driving me nuts

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are you using redirected folders in the profile or via gpo?

On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 4:35 PM, Andrew Wood <andrew.wood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I've got an interesting issue with down sessions on citrix servers. 


Servers are Windows 2003Sp2 + Presentation Server 4.5SP1 - and this still
happens with SP2..


I've eliminated printing (in that users can't print) and AV (it happens with
or without the AV client). We're running uhpclean 1.6d.  Servers are
publishing apps to remote clients - apps are office + a document management


Once there is one down session (reason as yet unknown) - the down sessions
stack up. After 2 or 3 the server becomes unresponsive for users and they
disconnect. Oddly, disable the server and then after a while, all the down
session clear up and anyone who hasn't given up can work just fine. This
takes @ 5-10 mins. 


Looking at the profiles left on a server with the problem - everyone one has
usrclass.dat locked. Looking the registry, all permissions seem ok; the
profile can be unloaded - but the file remains on the server undeleteable
until the server is rebooted.


New users connecting to the server while the 'down' sessions are active get
a message that their authentication process is happening.... and thats it
that process will remain active 


I've got edgesight running - and its telling me little other than the server
is unresponsive.


While we're running 4.5 the hcaservice seems to get paused/locked so that
the server is never disabled - this obviously doesn't help.


Anyone any suggestions as to what to look at next?









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