[THIN] Re: usrclass.dat not giving up the ghost - taking out servers, driving me nuts

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A few questions
Have you tried running without UPHCLean 1.6? Have you set the UPHclean loggin 
options ?
Have you tried UPHClean 2.048 ?
Anything in the event log relating to profiles not unloading?
Have you enabled user environment debug logging ?

Can go to PS 4.5 Rollup 2 ? - its far better than Rollup 1 BTW

What post 2003 SP2 Hotfixes are you using ?

When the users are logging off are any apps still running for that user ? Is 
there some user process thats still running ... like adobe reader if you allow 
it to open pdf files in Internet Explorer ?

By default UPHClean takes action to allow profiles to unload.  You can 
choose to have UPHClean only report what processes it finds preventing profiles
from unloading.  To do this, install UPHClean and use the registry editor to

HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\UPHClean\Parameters\REPORT_ONLY to 1.

You can also have UPHClean log the call stack that is responsible for the
profile hive handle.  This is necessary to find out what software is
responsible for the hive handle in processes used for many purposes (e.g.
svchost.exe, dllhost.exe, winmgmt.exe).  To enable call stack logging use the
registry editor to set:

HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\UPHClean\Parameters\CALLSTACK_LOG to 1.

Logging the call stack is computationally and memory intensive.  You should use
this option to collect information and then turn it off.  To get more accurate
call stack logging it may be necessary to get symbols installed on the
computer.  You can read about getting symbols at:


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driving me nuts

  I've got an interesting issue with down sessions on citrix servers. 


  Servers are Windows 2003Sp2 + Presentation Server 4.5SP1 - and this still 
happens with SP2..


  I've eliminated printing (in that users can't print) and AV (it happens with 
or without the AV client). We're running uhpclean 1.6d.  Servers are publishing 
apps to remote clients - apps are office + a document management system.


  Once there is one down session (reason as yet unknown) - the down sessions 
stack up. After 2 or 3 the server becomes unresponsive for users and they 
disconnect. Oddly, disable the server and then after a while, all the down 
session clear up and anyone who hasn't given up can work just fine. This takes 
@ 5-10 mins. 


  Looking at the profiles left on a server with the problem - everyone one has 
usrclass.dat locked. Looking the registry, all permissions seem ok; the profile 
can be unloaded - but the file remains on the server undeleteable until the 
server is rebooted.


  New users connecting to the server while the 'down' sessions are active get a 
message that their authentication process is happening.... and thats it that 
process will remain active 


  I've got edgesight running - and its telling me little other than the server 
is unresponsive.


  While we're running 4.5 the hcaservice seems to get paused/locked so that the 
server is never disabled - this obviously doesn't help.


  Anyone any suggestions as to what to look at next?









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