[THIN] Re: appsense mandatory profiles

  • From: Andy Friar <Andy.Friar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 21:28:57 +0000

It really depends on how you setup your mandatory profile and this is a very 
important part.

You can use the default profile but this would typically create problems with 
things being setup i.e. active setup.

You can also use a profile on a fully configured server with all applications 
installed, the problem with this is that once you've logged in and then out 
again your clean profile can be up to 2Mb in size.

The best way is to create a VM with the same OS and hotfixes as your main 
citrix / terminal server. keep it out of a domain and hence group policies. Log 
in as a local user and log off. Opinion is split on the next part but 
personally i load the profile into regedt32 and change the permissions on the 
key and all subkeys so Authenticated Users have full control.

Keep a copy of this mandatory profile and only edit the copy. Change NTFS 
permissions on ntuser.man so users have read only access to it, especially 
important if your running a hybrid profile solution.

This will keep the mandatory profile to typically 512Kb in size, make it so 
this is loading from a local source i.e. C:\ and it will scale very well.



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Did you add the Active Setup keys to AppSense to record? Otherwise it’ll run 
every time.


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    just set up mandatory profiles on win2k8 rds for the first time.  the .man 
setup seems to be loading, rather than .dat, so it is using the .man, however 
trying to load the profile it continues to go through Active Setup and we are 
using appsense 8.1.  still continues to load "Personalized Settings" at logon.  
also does not delete cached copy, even though that policy is being applied...

let me know what you think?


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