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Just a thought:
Since this is happening routinely at a specific time on a specific day, I'd
look into any type of automated tasks that could be running also.  You never
know what you may find.  

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It does sound like spyware to me as well.  What is running on server
startup?  As a stop gap/test, try using a hosts file to block external
ad/spy sites.

If it keeps your server up one day, using the hosts file may confirm this.


I've been getting mine from here:


But these sites are also nice linked.








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Can anyone help me? I have a Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Terminal
Services where every Monday between 7am and 8am its preventing my users from
accessing the internet. A reboot seems to solve it once it's happened, but a
reboot an hour before (6am) doesn't stop it from happening.

Short of running Snort on the server and some form of keylogger to see what
all the users are doing (which I don't think they'd be happy about), I'm
stumped as to what I can do next.

Any suggestions? 

Jon Spriggs 
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