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  • Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 07:34:17 -0700

Web Interface with a Local Config can only be configured an managed from
that machine.   You cannot use AMC from another server to manage that




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Hi All,


I am trying to get my citrix web interface 4.5 server to be accessed from
all my other citrix servers using the AMC discovery, however I keep on
getting the following error message:


Ensure that the name is correct, the server is contactable, and that a
supported version of Presentation Server or XenApp is installed.





I have opened up the firewall for TCP 135 and locked the registry on the
servers to use ports 8000 - 9000 and even amended local policy to allow the
ctx_ConfigMgr account the right to log on as a service and a batch. 


The discovery still fails and I have since looked at the COM+ settings and
Im still getting the errors.


As I didn't set up the web interface server I have just noticed that there
is no citrix XML service running on the server and in the AMC on the web
interface server under Web Interface tab details I can see the Configuration
Source is listed as a 'Local File' could this be why I cannot administer the
web interface server from the other citrix AMC's.


Any help would be greatly appreciated?







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