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  • Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:04:19 -0000

Platform: 2 x Windows 2000 SP2, Metaframe XP FR2

I have just introduced a second Citrix server into existing farm.  I have 
implemented roaming profiles (this basically involved copying all the existing 
profiles from the existing citrix server to our file server and setting the 
terminal servers profiles path to point to the profile on the file server - 
this has worked great).

The problem I have is on the new server, many of the users have US date 
settings by default, where on the original server they have UK.  Logging into 
the new server as administrator and checking the regional settings, both the 
administrator (domain and local) and default user are set to "United Kingdom", 
and the only keyboard installed is "United Kingdom".

However if I make one of the problem users "Domain Admin" (so they have access 
to the control panel), both the regional settings and keyboard are set to 
"United States".  

The one thing I have noticed is on the login dialog box on the new server there 
is a "EN" indiator which is not present on the original server.  I am thinking 
that I have some configuration error somewhere on the server --- I can't find 
it though.

Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly received.



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