[THIN] Published app disappears from published desktop when minimized

  • From: "Jim Strowe" <jstrowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 21:49:36 -0500

------MF 1.8 and XP mixed mode.
Users are running a published desktop on the 1.8 side (citrix 1,2,3) .
From this published desktop they run another published app from the XP side.
(citrix 5 & 6)

Why run it this way? Because its HR perspective and the ultimate CPU hog in
the universe.

The HR perspective app is on 2 servers all by themselves..... It's my "put
the bad apps in a sandbox where they won't blow up my main citrix servers.
We had dozens of incidents where HR perspective and ETIME would crash a
server due to over usage of CPU and system resources.  This way they only
blow up 2 servers and only ADP users using those apps.  This way I can limit
users to one use of etime (the record was a user opening it 25 times and
BSOD'ing the server)

But, what happens is that a user has their published app open.
-Opens program neighborhood inside the full published desktop (citrix 1,2,
3-MF 1.8)
-Opens HR perspective (which runs on a different server (Citrix 5&6 MF XP)
-minimizes HR perspective
-App disappears, not on taskbar... seemingly gone.

For the moment we've said, don't minimize, close when done.... but that is
rather a silly band aid.

If you have any ideas, also respond to jstrowe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Those following my old thread, it was a permissions issue and some Oracle
tuning still in progress. Jim K, the new version doesn't seem to use DOS at
all, but the other permission issues you mentioned were helpful, thank you

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