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  • From: Gene Herman <hermang@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 22:39:19 -0500

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I know we have all been through this before - But I need to get an
answer for my boss - so here goes.
We are about to go live with our new MF XPe farm - we have about 500
Citrix Licenses and will move over another several hundred as we migrate
from the old MF 1.8 farm to the new. so as far as Citrix licenses are
concerned - we are ok.
All of the internal users and some of our vendors are running win2k so I
think we are ok as far as the TSCALS are concerned for these folks.
Now comes the big question - I am reasonably sure that the
Win95/ME/98/NT and XP Home users need TSCals - BUT we are running the
Java Client with the expectation that we may have some internet kisok
users or business center users for traveling execs.  How do we plan an
adequate number of licenses for these people?
Do the TS Cals from the old Terminal Server / MF1.8 farm get moved over
or do we need new?
When we first talked about this project it was a pilot in California and
they for the most part were 95/98/NT users and we knew in that case we
definitly needed to buy TS CALS for the XPe  farm or convert them to
Win2k on the desktop - but now the situation is reversed.   Any one care
to comment???

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