[THIN] Re: Profiles on Citrix

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  • Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 10:22:34 +0100

It's hard to say with any certainty. Presumably your mandatory profile is being 
dragged from a network location whereas our defaults are stored locally on each 
server. Conversely, the flex profile loading takes a finite amount of time. I 
wouldn't imagine you'd see a great performance increase with flex profiles. 45 
secs sounds like a lot of time though. Can you guess how much of that is 
profile loading and processing? In my (not considerable) experience, all sorts 
of things can slow logins.

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Hi Angus,
As we are using 95% mandatory profiles, the only issue I have encountered is 
performance. For example, a user logon takes approximately 45 seconds, 
including login scripts etc.. Would you be able to guestimate how much time I 
could save by using flex? 
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We had all sorts of profile troubles before went with flex profiles. Everybody 
gets a default profile at login, which is then modified by loading the flex 
component and a bit of Kix -scripting for particular groups. At logout the flex 
settings are saved before the profile type is tweaked in the registry to make 
it appear as a mandatory profile, ensuring it's dropped as the session closes. 
Since starting down this route, our profile problems have vanished.

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Running PS 4.0 on Windows 2003 servers. About a dozen servers. 
We've been using roaming profiles straight out of the box, MS box, for a while 
now. They're ok but just the nature of the beast in how they work will cause 
their fair share of problems. I know there are several alternatives out there, 
flex profiles for one. Can anyone give me some feedback on your implementation 
and results for any solution, be it flex profiles or some other alternative? 
I've heard talk of some type of database or dynamic solution that sounded good.

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