[THIN] Re: PS3 w/R04 - CMC is practically empty on Zone Master

  • From: Stephanie Atkinson <miitgal@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 06:01:19 -0700 (PDT)

Well, if I may answer my own email...
  It seems there were some discrepancies in the file in C:\Program 
Files\Citrix\Administration\Ext between my 2 ZMs. After renaming this directory 
on the problem ZM and copying it from the good ZM the CMC is operating normally.
  One symptom mentioned regarding the pub apps I deleted still showing up in 
the WI was because I'd forgotten we had the Remote Desktop icons published from 
a different directory so I had not deleted those, hence they were still 
showing.  Nothing like having a red herring thrown in the mix.
  I have since reviewed this directory on 10 of the 12 ZM in this domain (10 
recently had R04 installed) and found 4 others have the contents of the the ZM 
that had the CMC rendering problem - no symptoms yet.  As I did not install the 
patches I am not sure if they were done differently or if there is a problem 
with R04.  I did write the process and it was the same for all servers. Any 
thoughts on that would be appreciated.
  Stephanie Atkinson
  Systems Administrator
  ADP Hosting Services

Stephanie Atkinson <miitgal@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Seems like I've seen this one before but can't recall the fix so I thought 
maybe someone could help.  Some kind of Java issue?

One of our 2 Zone Master's CMC stopped rendering nearly everything today.  I 
can see the zone name at the top left and Metaframe Administrators.  Nothing 
else is showing and the View option at the top does not provide a list.  This 
seemed to occur right after I deleted some published apps in the CMC of the 
other ZM.  As well, the pub apps are still rendering to the users in the WI.  
The pub apps are not listed in the CMC of a couple of member servers I checked.

I ran dsmaint recreatelhc and rebooted but did not resolve issue. I noticed the 
imalhc.mdb is smaller on the problem ZM than the other one so I recreated the 
LHC again and now the file is slightly larger than the ZM working fine.

I then noticed the problem CMC ZM server had 2 versions of Java installed 
(1.4.2_02 & 1.4.2_06) but the working one has only 1.4.2_06 so I deleted 
1.4.2_02 and rebooted to no avail. I ran FileMon but did not glean anything.

These are both on Win2K SP4.  Not sure if it's relevant that MSFT April patch 
and Citrix PS3 R04 were installed a couple of days ago.  I verified it's not 
just my profile by having another Admin duplicate the issue.

I found only one thing from Citrix KB that seems to mirror my symptom.. 
 but this refers to moving zones.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Stephanie Atkinson
Systems Administrator
ADP Hosting Services


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