[THIN] Re: PN Agent app refresh

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One other thing that struck me that you might try...make his home desktop icons 
read only and see if they move.  I know there are all sorts of utilities out 
there to lock the desktop. Wonder if you have to go down that road. 

Evan Mann < wrote:
      Windows desktop.  Auto arrange is turned off for this user.

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  Are you talking about the icons on the desktop or the start menu?  That is a 
windows function under view of the appropriate folder. You need to uncheck 

Jeff Pitsch <> wrote:
    I do not think there is because PNA is actually recreating the icons when 
it refreshes.

  On 1/30/06, Evan Mann <.com> wrote:     Is there a way to stop PNAgent from 
moving all your icons around when it does an app refresh at logon to the 

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