[THIN] OT: HHHHEEEEELLLPPP!! "Unknown Hard Error"

  • From: <lynch00@xxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 14:21:23 -0400

Has anyone seen this error message?  We hae 3, yes, read it correctly.  3 
Proliant DL380-G2 servers that have this problem.  The problem is happening 
within a Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 4 (including all 118 hotfixes 
provided at http://www.pubforum.net).  The Rom firmware is as follows:

System BIOS:  P24 (11/15/2002) - Most current version
SA5i Firmware:  v2.58 (most current) on two servers AND v1.92 on another server
SA5i Driver: v5.49.2.32

The "Unknown hard error" only appears when we are installing apps, or when huge 
disk activity occurs.  I *think* this is caused by the driver, as this is the 
only common thing with the 3 servers.  I have verified that the drives firmware 
is at the latest version.

Has anyone seen this before?  Does anyone have ANY suggestions?  I'm at a 
complete lose!!!!

I do have a case open with Compaq/HP, but they are just as stupped!



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