[THIN] Network File issues - Quatro Pro?

  • From: cwood@xxxxxxxxxx
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 10:10:34 -0600

Ever since I installed W2k SP3 I have been having strange problems with
Quatro Pro files sitting on a network share (samba).  Users will randomly
get errors saying the file is read-only and then an error saying the file
can't be opened because it doesn't exist.  If the users copy the file from
the network to the desktop and then open it, it will work normally (then
they can copy it back).

This error is not consistent.  If they wait a couple minutes and try again,
it may or may not open.  It is random (related to network load? or
something else?).  Now, users are starting to see an error about a program
being busy and not being able to "switch" to it.  Then it shows a very
messed up error box.  See the following link that shows the error.


My users are getting very frustrated with me since I can't seem to find the
problem.  I am running three W2k citrix servers with SP3 and Word Perfect
Suite 2002.

Any ideas?

Chris Wood
801-489-2097  -  Wencor  -  Kitco  -  Dixie Aerospace

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