[THIN] Load Balancing behavour

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  • Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 08:48:37 -0000

W2k SP2 FR2


I wonder if any of you can explain this behavour. We have this application
that we need to  load balance across a number of servers on our farm. We set
up a "Application User Load"  rule to report a full load if there is more
than 15 users of the application on a server. We  assigned the rule to each
of the servers publishing the app. Sometimes I notice one of the  servers
breaches this rule by having say 20 users of the application, while the
other  servers have various other application loads, some well under the
threshold of 15. What I do  in this case is unpublish the app from the
overloaded server, wait for the number of users  to go down and then
re-publish it on that server, (manual load balancing). Can any of you  think
of why this is happening? What circumstance can a server breach its load
balancing  rule? What happens if all servers reach their threshold? Denying
access is what I've been  experiencing with seperate apps running on fully
loaded server. Which is what I thought  should happen, and if this is the
case then there should be no reason why a servers would  breach.

Any input most appreciated.


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