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We're in the process of implementing OneWorld Xe.  We have gone "live" with
financials, factory data collection, and procurement at this time, with the
rest scheduled for January.  Let me give you a quick rundown of our setup
and what we have seen so far.

6 server farm, NT4 WTS w/Metaframe 1.8 load balanced, Dual 1GHz w/2.25 GB
Deployment server (same specs as Citrix boxes)
AS400 Enterprise server (Central Objects on AS400)
15 "Thick" clients
250 concurrent users (currently 30-50)
Majority of user base at this location, with some across US and worldwide.

We only publish the OW application with Citrix auto creating the user's
default printer.  We have changed from the JDE default setup (W
environments) which recommends special environment mappings so that very
little will run on the client (in this case the Citrix servers).  We run the
Citrix clients the same as "Thick" clients, many business functions are
mapped to run locally.  Today's servers have adequate resources to handle

At this point I am running one server dedicated to our development team to
use for testing.  They are able to log into the OW DV, and PY environments,
with the remaining 5 servers load balanced with PY and PD environments.  At
any given time there are no more than 2 "Production" servers active.  This
makes it easier to apply updates and rotate the servers.  I recently tested
with only one server active and 40 users connected to see what the workload
might be.  The CPU usage was minimal and there was memory to spare.  Of
course, many of our current users are doing simple inquiry only and I'm sure
that once our sales/order entry is on line, we will see higher usage of
system resources.  From talking with others, we are still planning to get
40-50 users per server.

I hope this helps.  Feel free to contact me directly if you have any
specific OneWorld questions.


Terry Manley 
I.T. Specialist 
Timken Super Precision (MPB)
Keene, NH  USA 
603-352-0310 x431 
Email: manleyt@xxxxxxxxxx

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Im about to start investigating deploying JDE One World client using a
Citrix farm.


Appart from the foot print of the client is this application resource
hungry? Ie CPU, Memory etc...


Is there any other gocha's I should know about with when designing the JDE



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