[THIN] Strange printing behaviour after SP3 installation

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  • Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 17:19:22 +0200

Thanks for your reply, but I don't think the default printer is the problem. 
There is definitely one set for the user - it just can't be accessed correctly 
from Outlook. Even when changing the def printer in the active session it 
cannot be seen from outlook. Once you've fiddled around with the printer 
settings it is accessible. 




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From: DMelczer@xxxxxxxx
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Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 08:10:42 -0400

In your usrlogon.cmd file, see if you can use a utility to set a default
printer.  Just because you can see the printers doesn't mean that one is
selected by default.

Without a "default" printer selected, certain apps (I know Outlook
specifically, because I've had this same problem) just won't print anything.

I believe there was a utility on thethin.net called defprinter...if not, let
me know and I'll check my archives and email one to you.

What we do, is write a small INI file to the home directory that lists all
of the users connected printers, and what they have set as the default.
When they log in, it reads the list, maps the printers, and then
appropriately sets the default.  For us, we use the UniPrint universal
printing solution, so this printer is set as the default in Citrix, but when
the user gets to their desktop, UniPrint isn't available so some random
printer was being set as default.  Using the INI method has cleared up our
problems so far...

I wrote the program using WinBatch (www.winbatch.com).  If you need, I can
send you source code for the app and a compiled executable (although since
you're not using UniPrint this may not work quite as well for you)...

Hope this helps.

-Dave Melczer

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From: peter.hegg [mailto:peter.hegg@xxxxxxx]
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Subject: [THIN] Strange printing behaviour after SP3 installation

This story goes on......

We installed Q328020 on the Ctx Servers and are now able to print PDF files.
But still we have problems with some network attached printers. Outlook 2000
and also Excel 2000 as well as Acrobat Reader sometimes cannot see any
printers. The message "No default printer defined" pops up, but the printer
folder shows all available network printers. When changing some of the
properties of the printer and applying the changes, the printer can suddenly
be seen in the application. There are several printers concerned (HP LJ 5,
5si, 2100TN, HP DJ 895 cxi). We installed the drivers that were delivered
with windows 2000 on the printserver and then copied the drivers to the
terminal server (auto replication in CMC).

Does anybody have some more hints? Is it absolutely necessary to install
SP3/Q328020 on both the Terminal Servers and the dedicated Print server?

Your help is very much appreciated...



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From: "Mack, Rick" <RMack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 21:44:32 +1000


Q238020 isn't just for client autocreated printing. SP3 can break all
network share-based printing.



Ulrich Mack
Volante Systems
18 Heussler Terrace, Milton 4064
Queensland Australia
tel +61 7 32467704

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From: peter.hegg [mailto:peter.hegg@xxxxxxx]=20
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Subject: [THIN] Strange printing behaviour after SP3 installation

Hi all

we recently installed SP3 and Q326935 onto our W2K/MFXPe/FR1-SP1 servers.

We strictly use network printers, queue defined on a separate printserver
that we imported into CMC and published the printers to users via group
membership. There is no auto creation of locally attached client printers.

After the SP3 installation we suddenly have problems to print PDF files
(Reader Version 5.0.1). After pushing the print button it looks like the
document is properly prepared for printing but nothing gets into the print
queue. Also from some other applications we can see a similar behaviour.
Office apps in general seem to work.

As we are only using networked printes I do not think the "SP3 printing
redirection fix Q328020" will solve our problem. Or maybe yes?

Has anyone come across this? Any suggestions?

Your help is very much appreciated.

Kind regards


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