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"Douglas A. Brown" <dbrown@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Subject: New Whitepaper and Webinar from Doug Brown
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Hello All,

I just wanted to let you guys know I'm going to be doing a webinar on the real 
world benefits of SysTrack and how it can overcome some of, if not most of the 
issues you face with troubleshooting Citrix / Terminal Services environments 
today... I think you will like it allot... If you have the time, and it is only 
an hour out of your day then I highly recommend you attend... I will be showing 
off some really cool stuff... So I look forward to seeing you all there.. I've 
attached the invite info below... 

I would also like you to take a peak at my latest whitepaper that details allot 
of the killer features SysTrack brings to you... I?ve really enjoyed writing it 
and I think you will enjoy the value of it even more.. Take a peak and let me 
know what you think.... 


In addition, I'm going to be introducing a new free tool that DABCC is putting 
together at the end of the webinar so you will all want to attend... ;) See how 
I am... ;) 

ok, here is the official invite?. 


Extending System Management with SysTrack hosted by Doug Brown of DABCC and 
Eric Schmucker, Microsoft. 

Webinar Registration

To register for this popular Web event, sign up here. There is a limit of 250 
people on each call.

Lakeside Software link - http://www.lakesidesoftware.com/Webinar.htm


To download a whitepaper from Doug Brown discussing the benefit of using 
additional management tools, like SysTrack to monitor your systems, click here. 

Featured Speakers

Doug Brown, President & CTO of DABCC, Inc. 
Eric Schmucker, Microsoft 


Wednesday, March 2, 2005
10:00 a.m. (EST) & 2:00 p.m. (EST) 


1 hour 

Webinar Learning Objectives

Why additional management tools beyond Resource Manager might be needed. 

Detailed troubleshooting with the Blackbox Data Recorder (historical replay 
facility) a necessity for any administrator. 

How to accurately size your terminal servers with real statistics. 

The value of Change Management. 

User web activity reporting - YES, in a terminal server environment! 

User activity and login session tracking. 

Successfully report concurrent application usage. When are my peak times/users? 

Block unwanted applications from executing; is Group Policy alone enough? 

Stop run away processes before they become a problem. 

Is an application memory leak effecting you system performance? 

Register for this popular event today! 


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