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Sometime last evening, we started experiencing large delays in mail delivery
due to volume, and many of you noticed posts to mailing lists not going

We had one FreeLists list owner who had stuffed the mail queues with utter
garbage, thereby backing up everything that followed it.  A large mail queue
is actually somewhat common (and usually not too problematic), but in this
case, mail looping was also involved from external, badly-behaving MTAs.  To
compound the problem, no one here noticed that anything was wrong until this
morning.  (There we were, thinking the drop-off in traffic was just the
typical Friday night slowdown.)

We've cleaned out the garbage and mail is flowing as usual.  If you're still
having problems, please let me know.  From now on, we'll be notified when
mail queue starts getting large so that we can investigate further before
back-up gets to be a problem.


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