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Yup, they would.  Only because our public safety (police) shares our
network.  Not allowed to say what type of routers, firewalls, etc.  It's
actually an FBI requirement for all agencies that can connect to their
networks or receive their data.


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Really? This always cracks me up. Like if you were to divulge that you
had a pair of X type ciscos as the backbone with X type redundant
routers and fiber to the Y type in the rack etc they would give you a

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Hardware can be discussed with some limitations.  We are a Compaq/HP
and we run DL580 and DL380 G3 for Metaframe.  The G3's use the onbaord
Smart Array 5i with the Battert Backed Write Cache and the DL580 use the
5302/64 controller.

We do have a fairly robust network infrastructure which I can not
(my security team would 'draw and quarter' me if I did).


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HI All,

I have been asked to provide a roadmap for our Citrix environment.  Our
standard way of developing roadmaps is to come up with our "dream"
environment, analyze its costs/benefits, see if it meets our
settle of the final solution, and
then develop a plan for getting there.  The "getting there" part may
multiple transitions...sort of like mutating into the final solution
several stops along the way.

I am in the first phase.  If you were walking into a new company that
no computers, but a standard list of apps, what would your dream
environment look like?  Here are some guidelines:
      Windows 2003 Active Directory will be in use
      Beside using internally, clients will need access from home
      Must be secure (ie..128bit encryption, etc)
      PC's and thinclient devices are to be used
      Stability is key
      Can use 3rd party utilities such as Tscale and Simplify Printing.
      Antivirus is a must
      This is a local government - we run all sorts of stuff.  The more
      can have on Metaframe, the better.


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