[THIN] Re: Disaster recovery (continued)

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  • Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 13:44:00 -0500

Use simple Transactional repl with realtime updates from the subscriber.
In this case the local Citrix boxes will point to SQL servers at their
site. In the case of the DR site (subscriber) Citrix boxes will send
Datastore changes to it. These changes are then sent to the publisher
which verifies they are ok, changes the DB then sends the update back
top the subscriber (all takes a second or two). 


In the event of a low yield tactical nuke at the primary site you can
make the subscriber a master/publisher and be ready to go to add more
servers or make changes. Until you make it a publisher you cant make any


Don't even bother with a multi-master\Merge model. I tried it and it
works but Citrix refuses to support it. 




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SQL replication of the datastore....didnt' think about that.....would
that be one way from primary to DR site? 

If my primary goes down the DR site comes up independently and writes to
it's local datastore.  What timeframes would you recommend on the
replication (nightly, hourly)

Is it really that simple?  I feel like I'm missing something. 

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Same Farm 
Replicated Data Store with Citrix Servers in each location using that 
data store 

CSG and NFuse at each site 

Second site has a different URL  Unless you use some Smart DNS. 

Use the same farm and what not... 


OR you can technically create two different farms with the same licenses

in each since you will only be using one at a time. 




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