[THIN] Citrix Farm performance over WAN

  • From: Angela Smith <angela_smith9@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2011 16:16:57 +1000


We currently have 30 XenApp 5 Servers split between 2 Sites.  Sites are 
connected by Gig Links.  At present we use Zone Preference and Failover and 
Site A is Active only.  Site B is for Disaster Recovery only.  Site A is 
running at around 75% utilisation according to Citrix Load Evaluator.  As per 
my previous emails we are having issues with SMB bottleneck.  I am considering 
removing Zone Pref and Failover and making Site B active also.  Therefore all 
XenApp servers get utilised which will half the resource requirements on my 
servers and hopefully remove any bottlenecks.

Can anyone see an issue with running with such a config.  XenApp Servers in 
site B will need to cross the Gig link to connect to File Server/Web interface 
but on a gig link I think should be OK.  Any pro's/con's with this approach?


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