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One point worth noting here is that CE.Net devices require about double the
RAM (or more) to run NFuse directly, that is, utilizing a local browser. In
addition, you don't have a local taskbar, i.e. there is no local desktop.
As others have replied, you can publish IE from Terminal Servers and launch
that way, but there is no taskbar running locally, at least not the one
users are used to.
Based on your description, I would recommend instead that you look at
embedded NT/XP thin devices and either run the local IE browser to run the
NFUSE page, use a local Citrix program neighborhood, or, lastly publish IE
from a Terminal Server.
In this scenario you will be providing a completely locked down desktop with
taskbar (Local) and running applications from Terminal Servers via NFUSE and

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Hi All, 

We are looking for feedback from larger environments (1000+ devices) that
have done nFuse on CE for their core application delivery. We have achieved
a satisfactory, end user secured environment on a stripped down w2k shell on
PC's, but it took some add ins (PWB, etc.) to achieve the lock down we
desired, but still maintain the necessary functionality (taskbar, etc.). 

Is it possible to achieve a user bombproof environment with nFuse (Web
Interface) on CE devices and still maintain the taskbar? 

What are the pitfalls of CE devices, other than the inability to have any
local apps?. 

How was your experience with implementation? 

How do users like the environment? 

Any other comments? 

Your feedback is appreciated! 

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