[THIN] Re: Anyone know if their is a GPO or registry key for "Turn off all unecessary animations"

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Here is the response I got back from Microsoft:


"It would be great if you could send this back.


While our team looked at this possibly in Windows Vista, it was decided to
not incorporate group policy settings for two reasons

1.       We left it out so that network administrators would not be able to
turn off EoA settings by group policy.  We did not want administrators to be
able to turn off features that allow users to interact with their computer.

2.       We also looked at this from a disclosure perspective.  Having to
tell your network admin "please allow foo setting" forces the person with an
accessibility issue to self-disclose, and the person might not want to do


That said, as a fellow network admin of, I see value to the scenario Jim
described.  I will take the feedback, but I do not think we'll get it into
Windows 7, since it would require planning on specific options and how to
handle them.  We need to approach those problems during the planning phase.


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Trying to track down the registry setting in Vista and Server 2008 that is
under Ease of Access Center / Make it easier to focus on tasks / scroll to
bottom and under Adjust Time Limits and flashing Visuals section we want the
box to be checked to "Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible)"
This should be available as a GPO as it is definitely necessary to turn off
on the server for Terminal Services connections.

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