[thebigjewel] Three Mercifully Brief Poems - February 16, 2005

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This week The Big Jewel reminds you that our supreme and utter master Kurt
Luchs started his writing life as a poet. After receiving his umpteenth
rejection slip asking the rhetorical question, "Is this supposed to be
funny?" Kurt realized he had been pursuing the wrong dream. And lo!
Instead of a fifth-rate poet, a third-rate humorist was born. Yet every
once in a while, as he cleans out his roll-top desk in search of a
corkscrew or a loaded revolver, Kurt finds tantalizing scraps of his old

"Three Mercifully Brief Poems, Or: New Tricks For An Old Doggerel"

by Kurt Luchs

A Nonsense Verse
(Unfortunately, Not Written By Edward Lear)

When men were men, and women were men,
And the rest of us were trying to rest,
They picked a number from one to ten
But which they picked is anyone's guess...

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