[thebigjewel] Bobby's Next Move - February 23, 2005

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The Big Jewel wonders if you have forgotten former chess prodigy Bobby
Fischer, the vicious kid who once said of his inferior adult opponents, "I
like to see 'em squirm." The world has forgotten Bobby Fischer, but there
is one person who will never forget Bobby Fischer -- and that, of course,
is Bobby Fischer. In fact, here he is now with a new plan for world

"Bobby's Next Move"

by Michael Fowler

I, Robert James "Bobby" Fischer, undefeated Chess Champion of the World,
issue the following statement to chess match organizers and chess fans the
world over, to the World Chess Federation (FIDE), and to all interested
media. Last Tuesday, while shopping at my local Mandarake's in Tokyo for a
pair of mentalist-proof sunglasses, I found a hand-held chess computer in
the toy aisle. Labeled in English as the "Saitek Chess Samurai, Ages 7-12,
2 C-cells not included, 130 yen," it impressed me at once as a powerful
opponent worthy of my skills. I therefore propose to come out of seclusion
and play a match against this fighting chess machine, provided the
following conditions are met...

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