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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where everything we know about the birds and the
bees has been gleaned by careful observation. In fact, some of our writers
may be watching the birds just a little too closely. For example, David
Holub in his first piece for us -- does his birdwatching amount to animal
kingdom voyeurism? You decide:

The Thing About You Birds

By David Holub

You know, the thing about you birds is that you sit on that branch for
hours, whistling the same song.

TWEE-twee. Two notes. The same two notes. Over and over. First the high
one and then one a little lower.

But, my small, feathery acquaintance, let me ask you this: What do you
think will come of all this so-called singing? That you'll attract a mate?
That some female bird will be so taken with your little tweedle-dee
routine that she'll just offer herself no questions asked?...

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