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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where we are absolutely certain the new
president will create lots of stimulating new jobs for everyone. Jobs like
organizing the shopping carts at Target. Who would not leap at such a
promising opportunity? Kenneth J. Vanko, that's who, and in his first
piece for us, too. Luckily there will always be a place for him at The Big

Letter Of Resignation From The Overqualified Cart Organizer At Target

By Kenneth J. Vanko

Dear Brent:

It is with deep regret and a sense of unfulfilled promise that I submit
this notice of resignation from my current position at the Batavia Super
Target. While I harbor no false illusion that this employment relationship
can be repaired, I am hopeful and reasonably optimistic that you will
learn from your managerial shortcomings and utilize the talents of the
unlucky soul who succeeds me...

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