[thebigjewel] The Stupendoleum: A Visitor's Guide - January 4, 2006

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Welcome to The Big Jewel, where funny is as funny does...unless you're
talking about an episode of "Mind of Mencia," in which case there is no
funny at all, none, zilch, absolute zero. Our good friend Raleigh Drennon
helped us see out the old year a few weeks ago with his piece "From The
Desk Of The Windy Pines Christmas Tree Farm." Now he helps us see in the
New Year with a piece that has nothing to do with the New Year:

"The Stupendoleum: A Visitor's Guide"

By Raleigh Drennon

Welcome to the Stupendoleum, the most ostentatious mausoleum and
sepulchral monument known to recorded history. Unearthed in 1799 and used
as a public defecation pit until 1923, it now stands fully restored in
awesome testimony to the life of the monarch whose tomb is housed within,
King Stupendicarchus of 4th-Century-B.C. Asia Minor...

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